Enrolling your child(ren) in the Jewish Learning Experience program will provide you with the reassurance that your child(ren) is receiving a high-quality education in an emotionally and mentally safe space, preparing them for a future where Jewish learning is a constant.   

Parents whose children enroll in the Jewish Learning Experience program also specifically benefit in several ways, including: 

  • Enhanced academic and personal development: This program is designed to promote intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and the development of essential life skills, such as communication and leadership. These skills will help your child(ren) become more well-rounded individuals who are prepared for success in all areas of life. 
  • Improved college and career prospects: By participating in the Jewish Learning Experience and earning college credits, your child(ren) will be better prepared to engage in higher educational learning and discussion.  
  • Stronger connection to Jewish heritage: Our program is focused on deepening your child(ren)’s connection to Jewish heritage, culture, and faith, helping them to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of their history and traditions. This can help to instill a sense of pride and identity in your child(ren) and enhance their connection to the wider Jewish community. 
  • Access to a supportive network: The program is designed to foster a sense of community and belonging, providing your child(ren) with the opportunity to connect with peers who share a passion for Jewish learning.