The Jewish Learning Experience is perfect for any organization looking to create engaging teen programming or supplement its current programming. By partnering with us, you have an opportunity to elevate your community with undergraduate-level college courses that are relevant and engaging, while providing added value to your members.   

Organizations that partner with us to deliver the Jewish Learning Experience jointly can benefit in several ways, including: 

  • Increased reach and impact: By partnering with us, your organization can extend its reach and impact by offering students access to our comprehensive curriculum and innovative learning experiences. This can help your organization to enhance its existing programming and attract new participants. 
  • Enhanced reputation and brand recognition: Partnering with us can enhance your organization's reputation and brand recognition, as they are associated with a high-quality program at American Jewish University. We are focused on academic excellence and cultural enrichment, which can help you to attract new students and donors and build a stronger community of supporters at your organization. 
  • Efficient program and course delivery: Partnering with us is an efficient way for your organization to deliver high-quality programming. We provide all the necessary curriculum materials, student support, training, and more, making it easy for you to integrate our JLE program into your organization’s existing programming and infrastructure. 

Partnering with us to deliver the Jewish Learning Experience program at your organization can provide you with a range of benefits, including increased reach and impact, enhanced reputation and brand recognition, access to leading educators and institutions, cost-effective and efficient program delivery, and opportunities for collaboration and innovation. We encourage you to contact us today to learn what it takes to bring the JLE to your community. 

Partner Organizations '23-'24

  • Kehillat Israel

    Kehillat Israel, a Reconstructionist Congregation, is an inclusive, spiritual Jewish community that provides a warm, nurturing environment where we pray, learn, educate, and perpetuate Torah and Jewish values while serving the greater community.


  • Congregation Beth Am Los Altos

    Congregation Beth Am is a Reform congregation established in 1955 in Los Altos Hills, on the South Bay of the San Francisco Peninsula. Beth Am offers a variety of opportunities to engage, ranging from programs well suited for those new to Judaism or Jewish practice to programs for those with more experience. Beth Am provides each of our members numerous ways to find connections to a vibrant Jewish community. Beth Am is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. 


  • Congregation Beth Israel San Diego

    Congregation Beth Israel is a Reform synagogue with a membership of nearly 1,200 households and 3,800 individuals who live throughout San Diego County. We maintain an active affiliation with the Union for Reform Judaism, the national Reform movement. In the fall of 2001, we moved to our 65,000-square-foot campus set on three acres in the University Town Center area.

    Beth Israel is an active, vibrant place. Members participate in weekly Shabbat observance, ongoing educational and social action programs. The Congregation offers chavurot, cultural, educational and social activities for women and men of all ages, couples, singles, families with and without children, interfaith families, LGBTQ, and active seniors and youth.


  • Congregation B'nai B'rith Santa Barbara

    We are the oldest and largest synagogue in Santa Barbara, a congregation rich with memories and tradition, constantly seeking new ways of engaging every one of our members in the ancient and marvelous Jewish way of life. We cherish and honor our elders, with their deep wisdom and varied life experiences, and we are passionately devoted to our children, working unceasingly to provide them with a satisfying and enjoyable Jewish foundation that will last them for their entire lives.


  • Temple Israel of Hollywood

    Temple Israel of Hollywood is a congregation committed to Lifelong Learning, Worship, Social and Personal Healing, and Community. Founded in 1926 by twelve people, Temple Israel of Hollywood (TIOH) is a historic reform congregation in the heart of Los Angeles that now serves as a vibrant hub of Jewish life for nearly 1000 families and individuals.


  • Temple Judea Los Angeles

    At Temple Judea, connection is at the heart of everything we do. To us, synagogue is not only about Friday nights and High Holy Days. It’s about all the days in between. A special conversation with your rabbi, or a heart-warming moment shared between friends. All the ways we study, celebrate, take action, and pray. The comfort and security that comes from being a part of a supportive and loving spiritual community.


  • Temple Sinai Oakland

    As a congregation of about 1,000 households, we are large enough to serve you with dynamic services and programming but small enough to know you and foster a real sense of community.

    Our clergy lead services, teach classes, provide pastoral counseling, visit the sick and officiate at lifecycle events. Our many social action programs reflect our deep commitment to Tikkun Olam, the "repair of the world". We are also a caring community that reaches out to each other in times of celebration and sadness.

    We invite you to join us. Our members are Jews by birth, Jews by choice, interfaith families, and those wishing to learn more about Judaism. Our congregation includes singles and families of all configurations. We welcome all cultural backgrounds, ethnic heritages and sexual orientations. We strive to be an accessible congregation – welcoming those with physical and learning disabilities. We welcome all people on their Jewish Journey.