Photograph of BCIers at ShabbatWhether you grew up attending a Jewish day school or have never read a word of Hebrew, BCI’s Jewish learning (Beit Midrash) sessions will enrich your personal Jewish identity.  Facilitated by compassionate and wise educators, rabbis, and thinkers, Jewish education at BCI utilizes best practices and methodologies of Jewish experiential education.  Dr. Shlomo Bardin believed that “Judaism is caught, not taught.”  As such, the Beit Midrash is a place for participants to immerse themselves in Jewish experiences, texts, and wisdom and reflect on the significance of Jewish values and community in their lives.  Jewish learning at BCI is joyous, cultivates questions, and addresses important and relevant themes.  Examples of Jewish themes explored at BCI include God, spirituality, ecology, social justice, ethics, prayer, Jewish history, theology, and philosophy.

Shabbat is an integral part of the BCI experience.  Participants, dressed fully in white, join together in song and dance on Friday night and Saturday to shift their consciousness from “the world of creation to the creation of the world.”  Shabbat is an opportunity to take a collective breath and celebrate the journey traveled.  Relax, stretch, and enjoy the company of good friends on Shabbat at BCI.  

  • Photo of BCIers Listening to Lecture
    BCI 2
  • BCIers Making Challah
  • Photo of Shabbat Shalom Sign
  • Photo of BCIers in Shabbat Whites Hugging
  • Photo of Shabbat Candles