The Miller Intro to Judaism strives to be the premier, innovative leader in educating, engaging, and supporting Jews-by-Choice, interfaith couples, and those re-entering the Jewish community both in Southern California, and through our affiliates, across North America.

We are more than a collection of classes, we are an embracing community of welcome and inclusion for those who seek a home in the Jewish People. We will serve as a trusted and non-judgmental authority for blended-religion families looking for resources on how to celebrate holidays, educate children and cultivate knowledge of and respect for all the religions in the family. We serve as an international clearinghouse of curricula, resources, and wisdom for helping Jews and non-Jews to find their home in the Jewish People and as the center-point of an expansive network of courses and programs offered through our affiliates.

We believe that the Jewish community is immeasurably enhanced by people of all backgrounds, and we work to reduce obstacles to those newcomers becoming integrated into our community. We envision a Jewish community that sees inclusion as its strength and serve as advocates for the values of welcome, dignity, and respect.