In the fall of 2018, the School for Jewish Education and Learning launched a newly created opportunity for early childhood educators to earn a Master’s of Arts in Education in Early Childhood Education. By earning a Master’s degree, the early childhood educator will gain the knowledge and skills to elevate their contribution as educators in Jewish settings.  Using a cohort-based model, students come together to grow as educators.  As students, they will acquire the skills to manage classrooms and centers, successfully work with families, incorporate Jewish learning, values, and traditions, including elements of Torah and Mitzvot, into daily lesson plans, learn the strategies and tools to supervise teachers as ECE administrators and ultimately inspire young children to blossom.

This program is available as an ONLINE curriculum. 


Students who complete the program will develop the skills necessary to:

  • Describe, summarize, apply, and critically evaluate and synthesize constructs, theories, and empirical findings pertaining to child development including developmental milestones and processes in the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional domains from conception to adolescence.
  • Demonstrate research knowledge and skills: explain and apply the scientific method; describe, evaluate, and apply research and observation methods used in the study of children’s development; and calculate and interpret basic statistics.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills that reflect the ability to summarize, apply, and evaluate/synthesize developmental theories and empirical findings and that are consistent with the professional and ethical standards of the early childhood education field.
  • Use best practices of early childhood education when working with children, families, and the community. This includes developing and demonstrating professional and personal skills and qualities related to the field of early childhood education (e.g. observation techniques, curriculum development/implementation, leadership and teamwork, professional ethics, accountability, reliability).
  • Identify children who may have special needs, and families that may be in crisis, and be able to locate appropriate resources to help guide families through the process of therapy and/or recovery.
  • Manage, supervise, and mentor teachers and future leaders in Jewish early childhood education.


The program is structured to include 6 semesters, including two summer semesters so that students can complete their degree within two years while working full-time.  The course load is expected to be two courses at a time.

Each course includes traditional online components and synchronized live discussions. Students will be required to join one weekly online discussion with the professor and up to four other fellow students. Students will also be assigned a mentor to provide assistance through the online learning process.


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To learn more, contact Early Childhood Coordinator Megan Blicha at blicha.megan [at] (blichadotmeganatajudotedu).

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