The Intro program was exactly what I was looking for- intellectual and spiritual growth. There was so much to learn from connecting with fellow classmates.

Claudio Estrada

Miller Intro to Judaism Program
Burbank, CA
What advice would you give to an incoming Intro student?
I would highly suggest to come into the program with an open mind and an open heart! Be willing to push your own thinking and when you are unclear about a concept, feel comfortable asking questions.
What was an unexpected surprise about the Intro Program?
The quality of rich conversation that happened in the classroom! So much learning from connecting with fellow classmates. This program meets the needs of working professionals, who desire the intellectual and spiritual growth that contributes to the well-being of a well-rounded human being!
What was it that initially led you to find an "Intro to Judaism" course? Why was finding a program of this kind important to you?
On my quest to identify a program that fits my needs, the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program was a match made heaven! It was exactly what I was looking for- intellectual and spiritual growth. The flexibility with the hours was a huge bonus! Also, meeting with Rabbi Greenwald was an easy win! He is a natural educator at heart. He is captive in his words and knows exactly when to push your thinking further! The classes were appropriately placed and the knowledge was easy to wrestle from session to session.
Photograph of Claudio Estrada
What do you love about Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is a such melting pot of is really easy to experience new traditions, cultural customs and foods from all over the world. I truly enjoy seeking new experiences (food is a plus) that will expand my horizons.