The Retreat

Asylum Arts, in collaboration with the American Jewish University’s Institute for Jewish Creativity is co-presenting the second Reciprocity, a Los Angeles Jewish Artist Retreat for local artists. The first Reciprocity created a network for community development and strengthened the local cultural ecosystem. Reciprocity 2017 will take place from November 12-14, 2017. During this intensive three-day program, thirty Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary emerging Jewish artists will learn from local professionals, community leaders, Jewish educators, and from one another.

Reciprocity aims to empower artists to explore collaboration and innovative ways in order to build an integrated artist community and facilitate a nuanced conversation about Los Angeles’ unique culture and identity. We hope to foster an artist community founded on reciprocity, collaboration and inclusivity to build the Los Angeles Jewish cultural landscape.

The program does not end at the conclusion of the retreat. After the retreat, each artist benefits from IJC facilitated community-based opportunities and becomes part of a global network of artists through the Asylum alumni community.

Participating Artists:

Anna Ayeroff

Rebecca Bruno

Shasha Dothan

Rami Even-Esh 

Joel Garber

Rachel Kann

Sarah Klegman

Jeremy Lawrence

Erin Mizrahi

Muriel Mor Naim

Brittany Neimeth

Alexander Nemser

Ben Neufeld

Elizabeth Preger

Benjamin Ratskoff

Christy Roberts Berkowitz

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara

Erez Sivan

Hillel Smith

Lee Triffon

Deenah Vollmer

Fay Wolf

Diana Wyenn

Generously supported by:

  • Asylum Arts
  • The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles