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The Institute for Jewish Creativity is a dynamic hub for creative practice, artists and organizations. The IJC works to strengthen Jewish identities, and encourage artistic contributions that help to create an authentic, thriving Jewish culture. The IJC promotes, nourishes and trains a cadre of artists and thought leaders, enriching Los Angeles as an incubator of creativity. The IJC supports Jewish artists based in L.A. and provides educational opportunities for both Jewish and non-Jewish communities to be exposed to Jewish art, ideas and artists. Bringing together artists, leaders and community members from across the country to participate in year-round programming, we serve as a catalyst for the creation of new spaces of creative activity, and the expansion of an exciting, ever-growing community of artists that join forces to explore their identity, practice and culture. Local communities seek out the IJC for its expertise in creativity, spiritual and cultural Jewish experiences, and intergenerational learning.

Our annual programs include:

  • Reciprocity: L.A. Artist Retreat: an immersive experience of professional development and community building for emerging multidisciplinary Jewish artists, organized in partnership with our friends at Asylum Arts.
  • WordBruce Geller Memorial Prize, supporting the creation of text-driven multidisciplinary works.
  • Inquiry Fellowship: An annual learning opportunity, offering encounters between artists, scholars and rabbis.