Funding Your Education

When it comes to choosing a college or graduate school we know cost vs. outcomes is the most important factor. Financing an education is one of the biggest investments students and their family may make, so it is important to be certain you’re getting the most value for your money.  AJU's Office of Financial Aid is committed to working with each student to try and make their education as affordable as possible, including exploring all financing options both federal, state, institutional and private.

Outside of personal and family contribution, the main two areas students finance their education are:

Financial Aid

Financial aid based on need is offered to undergraduate and graduate students who qualify. To apply for state and federal need-based financial aid, applicants must submit the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Based on your FAFSA results, AJU Financial Aid Office will determine if you are eligible for the California State Grant (undergraduate CA resident only, filing deadline March 2nd), federal grants and loan programs, as well as on-campus work-study.

Additional AJU need-based tuition grants may also be available based on eligibility. Eligibility for financial aid is determined by the FAFSA. To complete your FAFSA, go to: The American Jewish University (AJU) federal code number is 002741.


American Jewish University is pleased to offer merit based scholarships to incoming full-time undergraduate students (both first-year and transfer students). These scholarships are separate from need-based financial aid.

General scholarships of $2,500 to $5,000 are awarded to students committed to academic excellence, leadership, and involvement in their respective communities. No separate application is necessary and these scholarships are awarded to students upon acceptance.

The Board of Directors scholarship and the Presidential scholarship offer partial to full tuition scholarships to qualified students.

The Graduate programs also offer various scholarships and opportunities based on need and merit. Check with your individual graduate program to learn more about available scholarships.

AJU also encourages students to explore outside scholarships (ie, not funded by the institution) that may be available to them depending on various criteria and can be both need and merit based.  The Office of Financial Aid can suggest ways to search for outside scholarships, including online and within your local community.