New This Summer: A 10-Day BCI Experience! 

June 20-30, 2024 

Designed especially for college undergraduates under the age of 24

Building on the success of over 80 summers of BCI, for 2023 we’re excited to launch a 10-day immersive BCI experience for college students! 

Each day will include time for daily Jewish learning, expression through the arts, time in nature, and tending to self-care. The 2,700-acre Brandeis Bardin Campus includes goats, horses, hiking, swimming and rock climbing, and more. As a student, you have the option to receive college credit through American Jewish University. Join us this summer to press pause on the noise of the world and focus in on you: 

  • Find or strengthen your artistic voice. 
  • Learn the Jewish fundamentals and dive deeply into core texts. 
  • Create community in the joyful setting of a Jewish summer camp. 

Program Highlights: 

  • Daily Jewish learning 
  • Daily Arts workshop 
  • Time in nature: goats, horses, hikes, swimming
  • Intentional community building 
  • Two incredible Shabbat experiences 
  • Israeli dance and song sessions 
  • Meeting other college-age students from around the world 
  • Optional college credit available

For questions or more info, please contact Rabbi Myra Meskin, Director of BCI, at

For information about fees and tuition please visit: Tuition and Fees.


Do you know a great candidate for the BCI 10-Day Experience? Nominate them here and we will invite them to apply! 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I arrive late?

    For any students whose school responsibilities don’t end until after the BCI start date of June 15th, we are happy to help make accommodations for you to still participate in the program and arrive late if necessary. You can note this need in your application and we will be in touch with you about making accommodations, or reach out to us at bci [at] (bci[at]aju[dot]edu) if you have specific questions.

  • How many college credits will I get? 

    The BCI 10-Day Experience provides transfer credits for a standard 3-credit course. Transfer credits are earned by completing the 10-day program and submitting a short personal essay or presentation. 

    Transfer credits are granted by American Jewish University. Typically, these will transfer as elective or general education credits. The transferability of credits is at the discretion of a student’s home institution. We will work with any student’s home institution for any questions or concerns regarding the courses a student completed with us, however it is up to the institute to determine what they will accept. 


  • If I attend the BCI 10-Day Experience, can I still attend the 26-day another year? 

    If I attend the BCI 10-Day Experience, can I still attend the 26-day another year? 

    Yes! Any participants in the BCI 10-day Experience remain eligible for the 26-day program in a subsequent year. 

  • What does the application process involve?

    Applying to the BCI 10-Day Experience is complete with the submission of an online application (takes approx. 30 min.) 

    Since there is limited space available, we begin the rolling admission process in December. The sooner we receive your application the better your chances are of acceptance into the program.   

    Once we receive your application, applicants will be notified of program acceptance within 2 weeks. Accepted applicants will be sent the link to the online payment form to pay their BCI tuition in order to secure their spot. 

  • What does housing at BCI look like?

    BCI participants are housed with 2-3 other participants in our adult conference center cottages – basic hotel-style rooms with a private bathroom, shower, and mini-fridge. 

    BCI is an inclusive and accepting space for all who identify as LGBTQ+. Participants will have the opportunity to specify housing preferences once accepted (i.e. sharing a room with others who share your gender identity or sex assigned at birth). 

  • How religiously observant is BCI?

    BCI is a pluralistic program which strives to create an environment that will make everyone feel comfortable no matter their religious background, while offering participants many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. BCI is not affiliated with any particular movement. The kitchen at BCI is Glatt Kosher and is under orthodox rabbinic supervision. We observe Shabbat at BCI - but do use instruments during Kabbalat Shabbat services on Friday nights (before the sun is down). When multiple options are offered on shabbat, some options may involve recorded music, writing, or other non-traditional shabbat observances; when these occur, there are always shabbat-friendly alternatives provided. 

  • How do I get to BCI and back?

    If you live outside of Southern California you will need to fly into LAX on Tuesday, June 15th. Once you arrive, BCI will provide transportation from the airport to the BCI.  If you live in Southern California and/or are not flying into LAX, you will be responsible for arriving at BCI by the evening of Tuesday, June 15th. On the last day of BCI, we will provide transportation from BCI to LAX airport (unless you drove yourself to BCI or are being picked up by someone). Transportation is only provided to LAX airport. You are more than welcome to extend your ticket (as many participants have done in the past), but any additional travel arrangements/costs will be your responsibility.  


  • What if I have food allergies?

    The food at BCI is incredible! (We're not just saying that!) Before the summer we'll ask about your food allergies so that we can make sure the kitchen is stocked with the right food for you.  At dairy meals we always provide a non-dairy option, and at meat meals there is always a vegetarian and a vegan option. 

    All meals provide clear labeling for dishes that are gluten/dairy-free and vegan/vegetarian. 


  • Will I get cell phone reception at BCI?

    Some providers do get reception (i.e. T-Mobile, Verizon), but since BCI is located in a valley, there is no guarantee that your cell will get reception equally everywhere. Check your provider's website for coverage (the ZIP is 93064). 

    BCI does provide free wifi access in the main buildings. 


  • Is there internet at BCI?

    While BCI does provide free wifi access in the main buildings, the more present you are - physically and mentally - at BCI, the more you will get out of it. In order to facilitate that presence, participants are not permitted to use their computers, smart phones, or other internet-enabled devices during programming. During free time, you may use your computers as desired...though you may find yourself wanting to go on a hike instead!