At BCI, we are committed to maintaining a unique experience that is financially accessible to all Jewish young-adults who wish to participate. Due to the incredible generosity of our supporters and of Marilyn and Sigi Ziering, BCI is offering the 10-Day BCI Experience on a sliding tuition scale of $300 – $3,000. The tuition fee covers meals, housing, staffing resources, and all program-related expenses for the full duration of the program. 

The actual cost to deliver the 10-Day BCI Experience is $3,000 per participant. To deliver the program, 90% of the cost is raised from foundations and individual contributions. We honor and acknowledge that participants come from a range of backgrounds. To consider how much you and/or your family can contribute to the costs for your participation in the program, we ask that you consider the following chart to guide your level of financial obligation. We trust that you will select a level that is meaningful to you and your family. 

We never want financial resources to be a barrier to participation. If you have any concerns or questions about payment, or feel unsure about how much to pay, please feel free to reach out to Rabbi Myra Meskin, BCI Director at bci [at], who can talk it through with you. 

We look forward to having you join us for the BCI 10 Day experience and hope that this fee structure will make it easier for you to join us this summer.  


You’re excited to bring your unique presence and gifts to our summer community. 



You’re grateful for the opportunity to participate and want to support the work that we do. 



You’re inspired by BCI’s commitment to pluralistic and inclusive Jewish spaces and are enthusiastic about partnering with us to ensure our thriving. 



You’re invested in the BCI vision of the power of immersive experiences to change Jewish lives and futures and want to ensure the existence of this unique opportunity in Jewish learning, arts, culture and community for future participants. 



You’re committed to safeguarding the Jewish future, ensuring cultivation of the next generation of lay and professional leaders for the global Jewish community.