Photo of Students in Prayer

At Ziegler, your life will be fostered by a campus community that is warm and caring. Your journey will be knitted together by lasting friendships, professor-mentors, and the opportunity to make a difference. The student experience is focused on helping you develop skills to achieve success and fulfillment in your professional, civic and personal life.

In addition to the classroom experience, Ziegler students come together in many ways. Daily minyan, run by students, is an integral part of the day in which everyone, regardless of their class schedule, is invited to join together in moments of personal reflection and communal prayer. Throughout the year, students and faculty also observe Judaism’s sacred moments together through formal and informal Shabbat and holiday programming, shared meals, and discussions. In addition, members of the community celebrate one another’s simchot in times of joy, and are there to comfort during the difficult moments of death, illness, or other personal challenges.

We find that for many, the key to a successful Ziegler experience is getting involved.  We encourage our students to take advantage of all AJU and its surrounding communities have to offer.

This is your Ziegler experience, so why not make the most of it!

  • Shiur Klali

    Each semester, students participate in Shiur Klali, a regular discussion in smaller groups facilitated by one of the school deans or teachers. Shiur Klali offers students an opportunity to explore and process personal, spiritual, and halakhic issues from within their own individual insights, journeys, and perspective.

  • Ziegler Choir

    The Ziegler Choir celebrates the joys of Judaism through music, singing and community. Judaism through music transcends notes on a page and allows our students to experience the beauty of liturgy and prayer while encouraging a sense of awe and reverence.

  • Spiritual Direction Group

    Students are invited to join a monthly spiritual direction group. For those unfamiliar with spiritual direction, it's an opportunity to explore and process questions and issues that one is facing spiritually through text study, meditation, group discussion, etc. The group typically meets three times over the course of a semester. 

  • Minyan

    An egalitarian and traditional Jewish minyan (prayer service) is regularly held during morning and afternoon hours in the Sara and Simcha Lainer Beit Midrash which can be found on the second floor balcony. Prayer services are facilitated by the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies and are open to the entire student population, for students to participate in and lead. Minyan is available Monday-Thursday and holds a regular Torah Service.  Services also accommodate for any Jewish holiday that does not require that the university close; e.g the 10 Days of Repentance, the intermediate days of Sukkot, Chanukah, or Rosh Chodesh (beginning of the Jewish month). Occasionally, the Beit Midrash will also accommodate a kiddush (small festive snack) for celebrations for it's community members.

    Minyan Hours

    Mondays 8:00am
    Tuesday 8:00am
    Wednesdays 7:30am
    Thursdays 8:00am

  • Jewish Life

    Los Angeles is geographically vast, and the opportunities for engaging in Jewish life run the spectrum. From synagogues to museums to kosher markets, there’s a bit of everything everywhere you look.

    As one of the largest Jewish Communities in the world, Los Angeles has many Synagogues and Shuls to fit your specific requirements.  Every denomination is represented throughout the city, from Conservative, to Orthodox, to Reform, and everything in between, there are many choices that can meet your spiritual needs.

    Let’s not forget the great Jewish neighborhoods in every part of this city such as Fairfax, Pico-Robertson, Encino, Valley village and that's just the beginning….