The key to greatness in a Rabbinical School curriculum, as in any institutional focus, is to assess and to bolster the strengths and capacities of the institution, and then to pursue those intended outcomes with vigor. the curriculum is designed to provide a rational flow, both from one semester to the next, and among the courses offered each semester. The curriculum challenges each student to find her or his passion within the broad range of Jewish studies and to pursue depth and excellence within that selected area. Finally, the curriculum contains the total number of credits required from each student, based on the conviction that excessive busy-ness precludes a deep and transformative encounter with the material offered during rabbinical school.

The curriculum has been designed with a focus on a set of program learning outcomes. The Ziegler Rabbi will be:
1. Masters the Masorah – synthetically and technically
2. Connects with lay people and is skilled in outreach
3. Distills the Tradition in ways useful to people’s lives
4. Is motivated by God and shares that faith
5. Loves Jews as well as Judaism
6. Pursues a socially-conscious rabbinate
7. Elicits the theological underpinnings of sacred texts