Joint Degrees Through AJU

The Ziegler School participates in two joint degree programs. Students may also earn a Master of Arts degree in Education through the School for Jewish Education and Leadership or a Master of Business Administration through the School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact. Students must complete the requirements for each degree in which they participate. Interested students should consult each of these programs for more information. 

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

The Pardes Day School Educators Program (PEP) – trains outstanding Jewish studies teachers for day schools and is a vibrant and innovative two-year program in Jerusalem that combines intensive text study at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies with a Master of Jewish Education. 

The NEW Pardes-Ziegler Joint Program trains outstanding rabbinic leaders who are passionate about day school teaching and administration. Within this collaborative arrangement, the two years at Pardes count towards one year of rabbinical studies at Ziegler, making the joint program a six-year rabbinical studies and Masters program instead of a seven-year endeavor.