As a Conservative Rabbinical School, the Ziegler School is dedicated to the philosophy, principles and values as inspired by Simon Greenberg, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Mordecai Kaplan, and other such great modern visionaries. It is their influence that continues to inspire the school’s academic curriculum, programmatic elements, and culture.

Conservative Judaism seeks to preserve Jewish tradition and ritual allowing for a modernization of religious practice and is rooted in the wisdom gained at the intersection of heritage and progress. This balance allows Jews to lead truly fulfilled lives; and in an ever-evolving world, provides a message of compassion, enlightenment, and holiness to communities everywhere.

Our understanding of Judaism embraces the full range of Jewish peoplehood and culture, inspiring a desire to work together with all Jews, regardless of their ideology or affiliation. We celebrate the diversity of klal Yisrael, the entire Jewish people, with all its pluralism, dynamism, and excitement.

While remaining faithful to the sacred truths and standards of the Torah and rabbinic writings in every generation, our sacred heritage has always embraced new wisdom, whatever its source. Integrating information and ethical insights into the structure and content of our faith remains the central dynamic of Conservative Judaism.