We are just so blown away by the sense of community in the Intro program and are thankful to have this space to be able to come back to whenever we need.

Racheli and Adam

Miami, Florida and Piqua, Ohio
What was it that initially led you to find an "Intro to Judaism" course? Why was finding a program of this kind important to you?
Adam has chosen to practice Judaism and hopefully convert.
Why do you think the Intro program is important for individuals like yourself?
It is important for couples to experience this journey together in some way. Whether it be attending every single class together or just finding time to talk about what the significant other learned that week, it bonds and strengthens the core values of starting a Jewish life together.
What have been your favorite experiences in the program?
We loved attending the Shabbaton and have Friday night services with the community. Another very memorable experience was when we got to participate in the support group. It was eye opening. This aspect of the program was very beneficial to Adam realized that he is not alone in many of his feelings.
Photo of Racheli and Adam
What are your favorite things to do/places to go around Los Angeles?
We LOVE to camp!