The courses in the MAEd program were able to engage all of the students even though we come from such different backgrounds and skills sets. The time exploring the text and learning how to raise questions was so captivating.

Rachel Kaufman

School for Jewish Education and Leadership
Los Angeles, CA
What attracted you to the Graduate Center for Jewish Education?
I have been involved with Jewish/Israel education for many years and it's always been something I have been passionate about. I have my BA in Education from Stern, and went on to teach in formal and informal settings in Europe, Israel and the States. I gained a lot of experience from all of my different positions in Education and working for non-profit organizations, but always felt that I wanted to further my education. After receiving a full time position as an administrator and teacher at LAHHS, I was able to find a way to finally pursue my maters part time while working full time.
What advice would you give to an incoming AJU student?
It's not always easy to juggle school and work, but there are so many skills that you gain on a personal and professional level, that it's worth the time and effort. The AJU staff is available to help along the way and they are very encouraging.
Photo of Rachel Kaufman
Current Profession:
Director of Educational Programming at Los Angeles Hebrew High School
What is your favorite book?
Like Dreamers- Yossi Klein Halevi
Year of Graduation