I have greater capacity than I imagined. I've gained confidence and strength, I can dig deeper than I thought I could, I can do more than I thought I could.

Nan Friedman

Skokie, IL
What advice would you give to an incoming AJU student?
Be clear about what you want to learn, and be open to what is coming your way. Throw yourself deeply into the learning. Utilize your classmates and your instructors. Build relationships and be generous with your classmates.
What was an unexpected surprise about AJU?
The high quality of the students - they are beautiful individuals who are smart, creative, ambitious, diverse in age, experience, passions, interests and perspective. I’ve so much enjoyed getting to know my diverse cohort, the instructors and the material.
What are you striving for in your career?
In the future, I hope to be able to have a meaningful impact in my current work at the City of Santa Monica, and in my volunteerism as both a leader and contributor. I am eager to create a high performing culture at a work place or within a volunteer organization.
Photo of Nan Friedman
Current Profession:
Manager, Annenberg Community Beach House
Year of Graduation