As an interfaith couple, the benefits of this program will help with our goal of raising a Jewish family that includes both of our cultures.

Marissa & Tony

Miller Intro to Judaism Program
Venice, CA
What first drew you to the Intro Program?
Tony: I was interested in knowing more about Marissa's background and traditions. I'm not planning to convert, but if I'm going to help raise a Jewish family then I really know about Judaism!
Why do you think that the Intro program is important for couples like you?
It gave us the opportunity to connect with other couples just like us, who are trying to figure out what Judaism means in our lives. It gave us a connection to a rabbi, a solid foundation of learning, and a circle of awesome people who can share the journey with us.
Photo of Marissa and Tony
How did you hear about the Intro to Judaism program?
We went on Honeymoon Israel and met Rabbi Adam. After an amazing nine days in Israel, we decided to sign up for the Intro program to continue learning more.