Dig into the experience and enjoy the learning, the people and all the riches that LA offers.

Batsheva Frankel

School for Jewish Education and Leadership
Denver, CO
Why did you choose AJU for your graduate experience?
I looked at many other Masters of Jewish Ed. Programs which also seemed exciting, but they all involved a large online component. As a full-time educator, that seemed ideal at first, but then I realized that I would much prefer to attend classes in person. I was familiar with the MAT program because I’ve been brought in as a guest teacher several times, and I always enjoyed the students. Additionally, I appreciated that many of the folks in my cohort were also educational veterans.
What is your favorite thing about your program at AJU?
I love learning concepts, ideas and tools that I can use right away. It never ceases to amaze me how just as I am learning something, I need to use it right away. For example, we were studying about learning disabilities and giftedness during the same week I was going to (and presenting at) the California Association for the Gifted, and then later in the week visiting a school that specializes in 2E students. Because of the articles we read and the work in class, I felt I had more to offer in my discussions with the head of 2E school, and was able to share some of what I learned at the conference in class discussions. I really love when the stars align like this, which happens almost every week with something from one of my classes directly connecting with or supporting me in my professional work.
What are your future ambitions? What are you striving for in your career?
I have a lot of goals, so we’ll see what happens:
General educational world: Continue growing The Arete Institute including launching our podcast, “Overthrowing Education”, and training and mentoring teachers.
Write a version of my book (The Jewish Educator’s Companion) for the general ed. world.
Market and sell a non-Jewish version of my C.HiP.-In game to the general ed public.
Jewish educational world:
Continue to help teachers and Jewish institutions throughout the country bring the best practices of Jewish education to their students in my ed. consultant role

Teach in a university MaEd, MAT, or MJEd or Bachelors of Jewish ed program. I am most interested in helping to give teachers and future teachers the tools and methodologies grounded in solid research to make sure our Jewish institutions are giving our students rigorous, engaging and meaningful educations.

Start a Jewish high school with strong academics and equally strong Judaics. With places like my own school, Areté Preparatory Academy, The Idea School in New Jersey, and the former Binah School in Sharon, MA, to act as inspiration for my dream school, I would like to fill an important gap that I feel is missing in the Orthodox educational realm in Los Angeles.
What advice would you give to an incoming AJU student?
Dig into the experience and enjoy the learning, the people and all the riches that LA offers.
Photograph of Batsheva Frankle
What is your favorite food?
Kosher Thai
What is your favorite thing to do in Los Angeles?
Shabbat in Pico Robinson.
Year of Graduation