The Berg Dining Hall, located on the third floor of the administration building, provides the perfect combination of delicious kosher food and beautiful view.  

Each meal is prepared specially by the Food Service Staff.

The goal of the Food Service Department is to provide high quality tasty food and the meals are widely regarded as some of the best kosher food in the Los Angeles area.  The Food Service Staff always values your ideas and recipes to improve the Berg menu.

All food served at the American Jewish University's Familian Campus is prepared according to Conservative Judaism’s standard of Kashrut.

  • About Kashrut

    One of the characteristics of traditional Jewish communities is the observance of a series of dietary laws called Kashrut, commonly referred to as a custom of "keeping kosher." The two primary features of Kashrut involve the permissibility of certain food items and the combination of other items. Kosher food is usually like any other food, except that certain foods like pork, shellfish, certain animal products and certain chemicals, which are derived from animal products, are not permitted. In addition, Kashrut does not permit the mixture of milk and meat products.   When a meat meal is served in the cafeteria, milk and cheese are not available. Similarly, when a dairy meal is served, meat products will not be served.  The only time this pattern changes is during the eight-day holiday of Passover when bread and other grain products such as pasta and rice are not served.

    For some of you, these customs are rather new.   The Food Service Staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.