American Jewish University is pleased to announce the launch of The Maas Center for Jewish Journeys

Photo of Frank and Virginia Maas

The Maas Center for Jewish Journeys stands at the heart of American Jewish University’s new vision for 2020 and beyond, working to meet the evolving needs of the community that AJU has been serving for decades.  A vital component of AJU’s mission of fostering inclusive Jewish communities, the Maas Center champions those too-often relegated to the periphery of Jewish life, guiding them through a suite of interconnected programs that enrich their Jewish journeys. The Maas Center will create a cohesive experience that supports people in their quest for spirituality and meaning. It will champion a range of ideas and innovative solutions to address some of the most complex issues facing the Jewish community in the modern world.

Made possible by a generous gift from Virginia and Frank Maas, the Maas Center will inspire and support thousands as they explore their Jewishness. Whether they are newcomers to Judaism seeking an open door, or interfaith couples looking to build a shared future, or Jews by birth looking to reclaim their heritage for themselves, the Maas Center is here to support them.

The Maas Center unifies a suite of programs to address the rapidly changing Jewish community. Through in-person courses, conferences, events, and digital outreach, the Center will provide thought leadership on issues of Jewish engagement and inclusion, particularly those affecting the next generation.  Among these programs are Miller Introduction to Judaism, the nation’s leader in empowering those seeking to convert to Judaism, interfaith couples, and anyone who wants to find their home in the Jewish community; the Ziering Brandeis Collegiate Institute (BCI), an immersive experience in Jewish learning, arts, culture, and community offered every summer to Jewish young adults from around the world; Marriage for Life retreats, which help couples envision their Jewish life together; the Community Mikveh; and planned, new online and in-person learning opportunities. The Center will also serve as a platform for strengthening AJU’s nationwide network of affiliates. 

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