The Legal Studies major within the Politics & Global Studies Department explores the theoretical, political, ethical, and practical foundations of the law. It prepares students for law school, graduate school in disciplines such as public policy, or entry-level employment in law-related fields by developing an understanding of the nature, content, and operation of American law and legal institutions.  Concurrently, the major promotes superior managerial, organizational, critical thinking, research, and writing skills. It allows students to focus on the United States and a few other countries' legal systems, issues in public policy and prepare for law school.  

The AJU Legal Studies program has professors who teach classes with expertise in immigration, which is a topic of particular relevance to twenty-first century national and international debates and the Los Angeles community, and in ethics, which is an area that is alway ofimportance for those training to enter the legal profession.  

The Department encourages student internships as well as study abroad. Other special departmental programs include AJU's long-standing Model United Nations team and the Politics & Global Studies Student Association.