Undergraduate Programs through the College of Arts and Sciences at AJU

As of October of 2018, AJU announced our decision to pause undergraduate admissions and sunset the undergraduate curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). This includes our Bachelor of Arts degrees in majors such as Biology & Bioethics, Business Administration & Innovation, Jewish Studies, Media Arts, Politics & Global Studies, and Psychology. This does not include our Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education. No other divisions within the university, including other academic programs such as the Ziegler School for Rabbinic Studies or the School for Jewish Education and Leadership were affected by this change and continue to operate and offer programs within the schools. For your convenience, we have provided answers to some common questions regarding the sunset of the CAS. Please email academicaffairsataju.edu (academicaffairsatajudotedu) with any additional questions you may have concerning the CAS sunset.


General Questions

  • How do I request an AJU Official Transcript?

    To request an official transcript, please submit a Transcript Request Form available here.

  • Is American Jewish University closing?

    No.  The university, which is healthy financially, continues to provide a myriad of other programming for the Greater Los Angeles Jewish community and people of all ages and backgrounds through its two campuses in Bel-Air and Simi Valley.

  • What is changing in the undergraduate division?

    AJU paused undergraduate admissions with the College of Arts and Sciences programs only. Please see above for current undergraduate programs that remain active.

  • Are other AJU programs impacted by this change?
    No. No other divisions within the university, including other academic programs within the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies or School for Jewish Education and Leadership, have been impacted by this change.
  • Did this decision impact the university's accreditation?

    No. The university was re-accredited for seven years in 2016 for all of its academic programming. AJU informed the accrediting agency of the plans for the CAS undergraduate programs.

  • Was this decision vetted with any groups before it was made?

    Yes. There have been concerns for many years about the very small size of the program and numerous efforts have been attempted to reverse the enrollment trends. The president has reviewed these past efforts and the performance indicators associated with the undergraduate program. Based on the findings and continued negative financial impact, he made the recommendation to sunset the CAS programs to the Board of Directors in October of 2018.