Is It for Me or We?

Photograph of Amanda Russell
by Amanda Russell
posted on January 23, 2019
Imagine that you are about to receive one of the biggest pieces of news in your life. Maybe it is the results from a medical test or the sex of your unborn child. Perhaps you are waiting on a college decision or results from a big job interview. I wonder, is this the type of news that you want to hear alone, or would you rather be surrounded by the people that know and love you? Read more...

Singing for the Future

Photo of Josh Warshawsky
by Josh Warshawsky
posted on January 14, 2019
How do we know what events will be remembered? What will go down in history as something extraordinary? Something life-changing? Living in the present, we can never know if an event will stand the test of time. Unless, of course, that event is the splitting of the Red Sea. An event so monumental that even as it was happening, it was as if it was already recorded in the annals of history. Read more...

All My Bags are Packed and I’m Ready to Go (?)

Headshot of Gail Labovitz
by Rabbi Gail Labovitz, PhD
posted on January 9, 2019
I do not really have time to be writing this drash. As I sit at my computer this morning, there are many other things I could and should be doing – including packing. I will be spending this week in Maryland, teaching for my rabbinic colleagues at an annual educational retreat humorously know among us rabbi-types as “rabbi camp.” Nor is this unpacked, unprepared state of affairs an anomaly for me. I describe my personal organizational style as being a “triage-er” – everything is done eventually, but only when it becomes the most pressing emergency on my to-do list. Read more...