Have You Seen My Alps?

Headshot of Rabbi Adam Greenwald
by Rabbi Adam Greenwald
posted on June 11, 2019
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A story is told of Rabbi Sampson Raphael Hirsch (Germany, 1808-1888), the intellectual giant behind the founding of contemporary Orthodox Judaism: It is said that late in his life, the old rabbi surprised his students by scheduling himself a long trip to Switzerland. When they inquired about why he insisted on making such a journey, he replied:  “Soon, I will stand before the Almighty. I will be held answerable to many questions. But, what will I say when I am asked, ‘Shimson, my son, it is true you did many mitzvot, but did you also remember to see My Alps?” Read more...

Today, I am a Man!

Headshot of Rabbi Edward Feinstein
by Rabbi Edward Feinstein
posted on May 26, 2018
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All of five feet tall in his stiff new suit and shiny shoes, he can barely be seen over the bima. In a cracking adolescent voice, he announces, “Today I am Bar Mitzvah. Today I am a man!” Yes, you are. But what do you know about being a man? A Jewish man? What can we tell you?  Read more...

Giving and Getting

Rabbi Bradley Artson
by Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson
posted on July 9, 2012
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In the realm of biology and chemistry, interactions lead to further interactions, as the energy of one unit creates the response of the next, which in turn launches yet another process. Everything is connected, and everything is part of a series of responses and influences. What goes around comes around. Read more...

Making Up for Wrongdoing

Headshot of Elliot Dorff
by Rabbi Elliot Dorff, PhD
posted on June 4, 2011
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The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the Israelites: When a man or woman commits any wrong toward a fellow man, thus breaking faith with the Lord, and that person realizes his guilt, he shall confess the wrong that he has done. He shall make restitution in the principal amount and add one-fifth to it, giving it to him whom he has wronged. (Numbers 5:5-7) Read more...

Full Head of Hair

by Rabbi Cheryl Peretz
posted on June 6, 2009
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Several years ago, one of our rabbinic students came to me for advice. Having just completed the first round of interviews for his first time full time rabbinic position, he returned full of excitement and anticipation about process and about his future as rabbi. Now, any of us who have ever engaged in a full job search process knows how important the art of interviewing can be; and how much more so in the rabbinate. Read more...