Holidays of Memory: Holding the Past in the Present

Photo of Rabbi Ben Richards
by Rabbi Ben Richards
posted on May 27, 2022
Growing up in a relatively patriotic family in America, I had the experience of partaking in various American rituals and practices throughout the year: watching fireworks while eating pudding on the Fourth of July, seeing military heroes march in parades, and ceasing from the vast amounts of labor expected of me from a very young age (kidding). Every time we would celebrate these holidays, we would do it with joy and fanfare. Our focus was about the new, the changes, and the revolutions, centered on what was to come. Read more...

Memories and Questions

Photo of Michael Berenbaum
by Dr. Michael Berenbaum
posted on May 9, 2021
Each year as Yom Yerushalayim approaches, I am flooded with memories and questions. Permit me to share both with you. I was in Jerusalem on the day of its reunification and I went to the Western Wall with more than 100,000 Israelis but 6 days later to celebrate Shavuot and what seemed then like Israel’s miraculous victory. Read more...