American Jewish University Launches New Podcast, The Syllabus, Hosted by Vice President of Open Learning Mark Oppenheimer

Creator of popular Jewish podcast, Unorthodox, launches new podcast about politics on American college campuses.  

Los Angeles, CA — American Jewish University (AJU) launched its new weekly podcast, The Syllabus, on October 26. Hosted by Mark Oppenheimer, AJU’s Vice President of Open Learning and the creator of Unorthodox, and distributed by Inside Higher Ed, a leading news service, The Syllabus serves as a forum to debate and discuss the pressing issues at America’s universities.  

“The Syllabus provides a gateway to cut through the noise and hear the perspectives of the people most impacted by these debates and policies,” said Oppenheimer. “I’m proud to partner with the leading educational news outlet, Inside Higher Ed, to create this podcast and am excited to build on the existing momentum with our next installments.” 

Widely distributed by Inside Higher Ed, the first five episodes of The Syllabus focus on one of the most controversial and heated educational debates at present - how colleges and college students are speaking about and dealing with the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. The episodes feature journalists, students and professors, each with unique perspectives on how the events overseas are playing out on college campuses.  

Host of The Syllabus, Mark Oppenheimer is an accomplished author and journalist with extensive experience on college campuses. Oppenheimer serves as vice president of open learning at AJU and has previously taught at prestigious universities, including Yale, Stanford and NYU. 

In future episodes, The Syllabus will cover other hot-button issues on college campuses, such as politics, affirmative action and Title IX. Oppenheimer will be joined by teachers, students, administrators and other affected parties who will share their uncensored opinions on these debates.  

“In the aftermath of the Hamas attacks on Israel, there is an extraordinary focus on how college campuses are serving students and society,” said Dr. Jeffrey Herbst, president of AJU. “AJU believes that The Syllabus will quickly become an important resource to understand how higher education is evolving in these fraught times.”  

Listen to The Syllabus here:  

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