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Safety of Brandeis-Bardin Property

American Jewish University Los Angeles - Jewish Studies College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Education MBA Nonprofit Management Rabbinic School

Leadership. Identity. Innovation. American Jewish University (AJU) offers these three gifts to a dynamic, ever-changing world and a vibrant, ever-evolving American Jewish community. Our classes and cultural programs will inspire and engage you. Our beautiful campuses and dedicated faculty and staff will provide you with a welcoming environment in which to investigate and experience the richness of Jewish life, the wisdom of our ethical traditions, and the very best of American thought and culture. Whether you aspire to a position of leadership in our community, wish to learn more about your heritage and the world in which you live, or seek a place for self-exploration and personal growth - AJU can offer you all this in an atmosphere infused with creativity and optimism about the future.

- Dr. Robert Wexler - President, AJU

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