Known today as the Marilyn and Sigi Ziering Brandeis Collegiate Institute, BCI is an intensive experience in Jewish learning, arts, culture, and community offered every summer to Jewish young adults from around the world, ages 20 to 29. It combines programmatic concepts adapted from Danish Folk High School (expressing one’s identity and culture through the creative arts) and the Israeli Kibbutz (the dignity of physical labor and sharing responsibility for the community) set in the context of the American recreational summer camp. Justice Brandeis referred to it as "a laboratory for living Judaism." BCI is a 26-day exploration of self and Judaism within a safe, pluralistic community, bringing together young Jews from all over the world with some of our people’s most compelling, talented scholars and artists to experience the multifaceted aspects of Jewish life and culture.

  • Black and White BCIers with blue bottles
  • BCIers wearing white for shabbat
  • Two BCIers hugging
  • BCI using drill
  • BCIers in art studio
  • BCIers studying