Jamie Stein

Food and Dining Specialist
Photo of Jamie Stein

Jamie Stein was practically born at camp. Her parents met down the road at Alonim when they were teens, so naturally, Jamie started at sleep away camp as early as possible. Jamie then graduated to BCI (2007) and soon after, Pardes in Israel. Upon returning to the USA, Jamie got an MBA in Non-Profit Management and a Master's in Jewish Communal Studies. So, basically a professional Jew. In 2009, Jamie married the incomparable Jared Stein. Currently, Jamie works at de Toledo High School part time as an event planner while also managing a full-service event planning company, Jamie’s Events & Weddings. On the side, Jamie sings with The Rolling Steins, the Stein family band. Jamie loves to cook and bake, make art and be a mom of three awesome kids.

Gonen Rimer

Let me take you back to a simpler time; 1995 to be exact. I was born and had the jolliest time running around barefoot on Kibbutz Ketura, what we locals like to call "the center of the universe in the middle of nowhere." I went to a regional school from first to twelfth grade, and majored in high school in Theater Geography and History. I was active in "Noam," the youth movement of the Conservative Movement in Israel. I rose through the ranks all the way to the prestigious position of color war captain (and won).  I served my country and embrace my lumberjack look as a tour guide and "park ranger" at Neot Kedumim- the national biblical landscape reserve. Since then I've been a good wandering Jew and have done lots of cool things in lots of special places.  When I haven't been learning about other cultures and countries, I've been spotted on any and all sport fields running after a ball, or following it with my eyes on TV. 

Jared Stein

Artist-Educator (Music)
Photo of Jared Stein

Jared Stein is a music educator, composer, songleader, and professional musician. Since 2008, he has been the Instrumental Music Director at de Toledo High School. He was also the Music Director for Camp Alonim for 8 years and 2019 was his 2nd year at BCI. He has been in the Nashuva Band for 15 years with Rabbi Naomi Levy, and he loves to lead communal singing experiences.  Jared has played and recorded with many notable artists, including Theodore Bikel, Peter Yarrow, Nava Tehila, Moshav, Distant Cousins, and Craig Taubman.

Michelle Brint

Michelle spends a lot of time asking questions. It's not necessarily driven by the desire to receive answers (read; 'the answer') but rather by the sense of wonder inspired when someone chooses to respond. Briefly, the invisible inter-workings of another's mind become tangible. For the same reason she loves watching people create, as if someone put their neurons to an ink pad and stamped the page, stage, clay, wall, or the air around our ears. She had a lot of opportunities to ask questions at UNC-Chapel Hill where she studied Sociology, and she had time to watch people create when she spent a year learning with BINA Secular Yeshiva. Recently, Michelle moved to Chicago where she works at the Jewish Enrichment Center, drinks gallons of coffee, reads religiously, and smiles at every baby, dog, and old person she sees.  

Jon Mitchell

Jon is a writer, musician, daughter’s father and rabbi’s husband. He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He used to work for Burning Man. He’s a huge Apple nerd. His favorite thing about life is finding ways to bring together the Infinite and the Particular through spiritual practice.  

Josefa Briant

Artist-Educator (Dance)
Photo of Josefa Briant

Born in Kibbutz Yagur in Israel, Josefa was a soloist in Israel’s famed Bat Sheva Dance Company.  In New York, she worked as a danced with Merce Cunningham and Maggie Black, and an assistant choreographer at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  She also danced in the movie, Jesus Christ Superstar.  Josefa now lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where she leads workshops for dancers and non-dancers on a journey into “experiential Judaism”- intentionality through prayers, guided meditation, dance and movement.  Josefa also teaches Biblical Hebrew at UNC-Asheville and Hebrew prayers/ BM prep in her synagogue.  2019 was Josefa’s 16th year on staff at BCI!

Rabbi Avi Spodek

Beit Midrash Educator
Photo of Avi Spodek

Avi Spodek was born and raised in Canada and spent his post-secondary (college) years in Israel before emigrating to the United States, where he has lived/worked/travelled in a variety of locales as a Jewish educator. Avi received a BA from Bar Ilan University, an MJEd from Hebrew College and rabbinic ordination from Rav Daniel Landes and Rav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg. Avi and his wife, Tikki, have three children and currently reside in Detroit, MI.  At BCI 2019, Avi taught a Talmudic Aggadot (Rabbinic Legends) track in the Beit Midrash.

Rabbi Ariel Wolpe

Beit Midrash Educator
Photo of Rabbi Ariel Wolpe

Rabbi Ariel Root Wolpe is a mother, musician, and newly ordained rabbi in love with nature. Originally from Philadelphia, Ariel grew up in an observant household where hiking was a typical after-shul activity and blessings were sung in harmony. Ariel met her husband Jon in a band in Oakland, CA, and their relationship blossomed amidst Burning Man and Jewish Renewal circles. While at Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Ariel’s studies focused on the process of t’shuvah, Hasidic commentaries, and feminist interpretations of Jewish history and ritual. Her daughter's birth inspired a book on Jewish texts and rituals to usher in motherhood.  At BCI 2019, Ariel taught a Hassidut track in the Beit Midrash. 

Rabbi Ayal Robkin

Beit Midrash Educator
Photo of Rabbi Ayal Robkin

Rabbi Ayal Robkin holds a B.A. in Jewish Studies from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Religious Education from the University of Pennsylvania. After serving in the IDF, Ayal completed the Pardes Educators Program as well as Semikha through Rabbis Danny Landes, Zalman Nechemya Goldberg and Shuki Reich. He subsequently taught at the Chicagoland Jewish High School and spent one year in a Post-Rabbinic fellowship at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. Ayal lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches Talmud, Tanach, Tikkun Middot, The Psychology of Chassidut and Jewish/Mindfulness Meditation at the Abraham Joshua Heschel High School in Manhattan, NY.  At BCI 2019, Rabbi Ayal Robkin taught the Tikkun Middot (Ethical character philosophy) track in the Beit Midrash.