A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires. - Paulo Coelho

Molly Mills

Early Childhood Education
School for Jewish Education and Leadership
Where do you currently work?
I work at Valley Beth Shalom ECC as the Director of the Infant Toddler and Family Center.
Why did you choose to pursue your degree at AJU?
There are multiple reasons why I chose to pursue my degree at AJU. I wanted a cohort-style program, which they offer, as well as a program backed by Jewish philosophy and values. AJU also provided me the opportunity to afford my master's degree through their scholarship program. Additionally, I was drawn to the family-style discussions and strong relationships that exist between students and professors. The program has an accommodating schedule for working professionals, which was very important to me, and places value on experience.
What have you learned that you implement into your own classroom?
I have learned that I love learning and that we never stop learning...my colleagues always have a different experience or perspective to show me, and I have taken that new perspective into work with me.
Why do you love being an educator?
I love observing and watching the genius of the young mind unfold and develop. I love watching children discover and enjoy!
Please fill in the blank. When I envision the future of Jewish education, I see _____________ :
I hope to see more diversity and community activities that create culture and identity.
Molly Mills
Who has had the biggest impact on you as an educator?
One person who has had a large impact on me is Abby Andiman Mars, who is a phenomenal mentor and ECC director. She brings value to everything she touches and is a true mensch. Kim Keer Heyma, a therapist and early Ed professional, has positively impacted me, guided me through many tough choices and lead some of the first classes I attended as a new mother. Also, my preschool teachers who set the tone for my life and made me feel respected and whole from day one.
What piece of advice would you have for AJU students or fellow educators?
Enjoy the process of learning and ask lots of questions!
Year of Graduation