The Best Four Questions, by Rachelle Burk

Reviewed by Lisa Silverman, Library Director

Young Marcy has just learned how to read, so she is excited that she gets to ask the four questions at this year’s seder.

Her older brother smirks and opines that she will surely mess it up. Unfortunately for her, she is unaware that the four questions at the seder are actually quite specific. So Marcy spends much time thinking up fabulous kid-like questions that she is curious about: “How many matzah balls are there in Grandma’s soup? Why does Uncle Benjy always fall asleep during the seder? Is horseradish made from horses?” Happily, everyone at the table takes turns answering Marcy’s earnestly asked questions until she turns to her older brother for a bit of help with reading the real ones from the haggadah.

Bright, engaging illustrations combined with kid-pleasing humor and helpful information about Passover rituals make this a fun read-aloud. -- Lisa Silverman, April 10, 2019, Jewish Journal, retrieved from