Pippa's Passover Plate, by Vivian Kirkfield

Reviewed by Lisa Silverman, Library Director

Passover will arrive at sunset, but poor Pippa the Mouse seems to have misplaced the seder plate, and that won’t do. In this sweet rhyming story, preschool age readers will follow Pippa on her search to find it.  

She must conquer her fears, however, because each creature she approaches (cat, snake and owl) is also a mouse’s natural enemy. “Quiver! Quaver! Shiver! Shake! Snakes make Pippa cringe and quake.” In a nod to the benefits of bravery, Pippa offers friendship and outgoing gestures to these animals and they respond with kindness, eventually getting an invitation to Pippa’s seder when her plate has been found.

The naïve-style art here truly stands out, providing multiple occasions for young children to find hidden animals among the bright outdoor scenes of nature. Kids will also find it amusing that the culprit is the goldfish, who is then invited to the seder and is depicted literally as a fish out of water. -- Lisa Silverman, April 10th, 2019, Jewish Journal, retrieved from https://jewishjournal.com/culture/books/296795/a-graphic-novel-haggadah-three-picture-books-and-two-award-winners-for-kids/