Around the Passover Table, by Tracy Newman

Reviewed by Lisa Silverman, Library Director

Here is a bouncy and straightforward explanation of what happens at a seder that is aimed at very young children.

An extended family arrives at the grandparents’ home for the seder, and eventually everyone is happily seated with a pillow at their backs, drinking “yummy” grape juice and going through the rituals most prized by children. The dog, cat and goldfish illustrations in the background steal the show. The text rhymes but not in typical couplet form, and therefore has a more appealing rhythm. (“And now welcome guests to drink from their cups/We swing the door wide/Ask Elijah inside/Fill Miriam’s cup/Lift it high. Lift it up.”) All men wear kippot and women are modestly and colorfully dressed. The end glossary provides definitions of key terms.

Overall, the book is appealing and upbeat and provides many instances for adults to comment on each ritual or Hebrew term to offer more context if needed. -- Lisa Silverman, April 10th, 2019, Jewish Journal, retrieved from