Participatory. Individualized. Diverse.

Gone are the days of sitting through lectures and simply absorbing information. At the School for Jewish Education and Leadership, we believe that learners must actively participate in their own learning. Our classrooms are filled with lively debate and discussion, small group work, and engaging learning activities.

Students play a big role in their own learning as they work with instructors to individualize the learning. Each student is on their own journey as a Jewish educator. They come to AJU to learn what he or she needs. Our small class sizes and attentive faculty ensure that students get what they need from each course and are able to apply it to their specific setting.

Time after time, graduates tell us how valuable cohort experience was for them at the School for Jewish Education and Leadership. Students from diverse backgrounds, educationally, Jewishly, in terms of the setting in which they work, and more,  join together in their learning about education and their learning from each other.