Photo of Tamara & Cindy
Cindy Stansbury & Tamara Jospeh

Students, MAEd in ECE Program

Co-Founders, Teeny Tiny Translations

Cindy Stansbury is originally from New Jersey and currently lives in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. In 2016, she began her career in early childhood education when she joined the staff at the Westside JCC. Prior to that, she was a journalist reporting on education, poverty and breaking news. Cindy can still be found at the Westside JCC where she brings the values from the news world to her classroom each day. She leads a rambunctious all-ages after school program called Rainbow Crew that focuses heavily on teaching her students to be citizens of the world.

Tamara Jospeh was born and raised in Los Angeles and started her career in early childhood education eight years ago at the Westside Jewish Community Center. She completed her BA in Child Development from CSUN and is continuing on to get her MAE ECE at AJU. Tamara has used her passion for social justice to influence her classroom and ultimately seeks to educate the community to create the kindest, most inclusive Teeny Tinies she can. 

We are “Teacher” Cindy and “Teacher” Tamara, co-founders of the company Teeny Tiny Translations (TTT) and current students in the MAEd in ECE program. At TTT, we actively engage with parents and other educators through classes, social media, and professional development in order to aid them in the growth of their teeny tinies! Our first and most popular workshop for educators is called “Let’s Be Inclusive.” This one-hour interactive presentation is geared toward preparing our students for a world that is colorful and full of difference. As educators in the Jewish community and two individuals who were raised in Jewish households that could not be more different from one another (Reform Ashkenazi and Sephardic Modern Orthodox), we realized that no matter where you sit in Judaism, our community in its tight bonds lacks inclusivity. This can be an issue when trying to prepare our youngest community members to be citizens of the world. Thus, it is one of our goals at Teeny Tiny to help our teachers gain the tools to make our Jewish classrooms a space for all and a training ground for embracing the beauty of difference. 

As we have begun on this Teeny Tiny adventure, our AJU community has been extremely supportive! From professors who gave their personal time to help us fine-tune our presentations to fellow students who hired us for our first seminars, TTT is flourishing due to the strong community here at AJU. Our professors also provided us with the knowledge and inspiration to add our newest professional development presentation to our offerings: “Teeny Tiny’s and Toxic Stress!”. After learning about resiliency and the impact of stress upon children’s development in our first classes, we decided to develop this presentation entirely focused on children battling prolonged stress and how to aid students grappling with the impacts of TSS in the classroom.

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