The Graduate Center for Jewish Education Welcomes Dr. Tamar Andrews

The Graduate Center for Jewish Education Welcomes Dr. Tamar Andrews as the Director of the Masters in Early Childhood Education.

Dr. Tamar Andrews has been working in the field of early childhood education for over 30 years. She began her career as a classroom teacher and then moved into early childhood administration working in schools that were affiliated with Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox philosophies, and has served as the early childhood education director at Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles since 2003. As a university professor, Dr. Andrews has taught courses ranging from the theoretical foundations of growth and development to how social policies affect children and their education. As a consultant and trainer, Dr. Andrews has spoken at over 400 conferences and symposia where she has presented on curriculum models, theory and administration issues. A California Mentor Director and international consultant and trainer, she has worked both extensively in California, the United States as well as in countries as far away as Azerbaijan and China. Dr. Andrews was born in Israel and raised in Los Angeles and educated in our Jewish schools. She is married to Edward Andrews and has four grown children and one granddaughter.


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