The Ghost of Sol LeWitt

Woman sitting on grass in the sculpture garden

On Sunday, June 10th, IJC writers and artists Christy Roberts BerkowitzRachel KannAlexander Nemser, and Deenah Vollmer participated in Conversations in Sculpture at American Jewish University. All were alumni of the 2017 Reciprocity: LA Artists Retreat, held in partnership with Asylum Arts.

Guests gathered to enjoy this magical afternoon of literary engagement with the incredible works in the Sondra and Marvin Smalley Sculpture Garden, one of LA’s best kept secrets. 

Christy Roberts Berkowitz communed with the ghost of Sol LeWitt and his work Spiral12345678, discussing conceptual works, privilege and having others produce your piece for you under the guise of collectivism; Rachel Kann connected deeply with Anthony Caro’s The Bather and asked questions of Mermaid Esther; Deenah Vollmer stood by Action Causes More Trouble Than Words and begged its creator, Jenny Holzer, to attend the piece’s dedication party; and Alexander Nemser pondered Aldo Casavano’s Juncture, Jewish wisdom and jellybeans.

Thank you to Christy, Rachel, Alexander, and Deenah for an incredible afternoon!


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