Dr. Michael Berenbaum's Remarks on the Elie Wiesel Commission and Antisemitism

Dr Berenbaum Addresses the Romanian Embassy to commemorate 20th anniversary of the Elie Wiesel Commission

Dr. Michael Berenbaum recently addressed an audience in conjunction with the Romanian embassy for the 20th anniversary of the Elie Wiesel Commission: Lessons from Romania – The Elie Wiesel Commission for the Study of the Holocaust. This was the first of a series of events that brought under the spotlight the importance of the Elie Wiesel Commission’s activity and its legacy for Romania’s path on assuming its role in the Holocaust. Dr. Berenbaum provided a profound examination of the historical importance of the Commission and a comprehensive analysis of the current surge in antisemitism. He highlighted the Commission's historical significance and its role in prompting Romania to create a museum to preserve the history of Romanian Jewry. 

Berenbaum also addressed the alarming rise in antisemitism today. He identified several factors contributing to this rise, including the permissibility of expressing all forms of hatred, the amplifying role of the internet, and the formation of hate communities in a globalized world. 

Berenbaum concluded by issuing a call to action, urging civil society to speak out against antisemitism and all forms of hatred. He emphasized the need to tone down hatred and reinforce our common humanity. 

As a distinguished figure with extensive experience in Holocaust studies, museums, and academia, Dr. Michael Berenbaum's remarks offer valuable insights into the historical legacy of the Elie Wiesel Commission and a sobering analysis of the current challenges posed by antisemitism.  

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