Camp Alonim's Justine Schreyer Lewin Awarded JCamp 180® Outstanding Board Leadership Award

American Jewish University’s Camp Alonim is pleased to announce that Justine Schreyer Lewin, the Camp Alonim Advisory Board Chair, has been awarded the Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s JCamp 180® Outstanding Board Leadership Award. This award is given each year to the individual camp board member who has used his or her leadership to significantly improve their organization's board governance, fundraising, and strategic planning. As chair, Justine has shown consistent leadership in guiding the Camp Alonim Advisory Board toward achieving its goals, and made an important and ongoing impact on Camp Alonim’s long-term vitality and sustainability. Justine’s leadership has ensured growth within Camp Alonim’s Advisory Board with specific attention given to the development of year-round offerings and a master site plan.

“Previously, the Advisory Board was made up of people who love Camp Alonim.  Now it is made up of people who not only love but also lead Camp Alonim.  This new direction was created thanks to Justine’s leadership – she is dynamic and passionate, while supporting and encouraging her fellow board members,” said Josh Levine, Executive Director of Camp Alonim. “The JCamp 180® award is also wonderful recognition of our significant efforts thus far to increase our capacity and impact, and motivates us to continue and expand our efforts to positively impact more children and the entire Jewish community.” Located on the Brandeis-Bardin Campus of American Jewish University, Camp Alonim serves hundreds of campers ages 5 – 17 each summer in its overnight and day camps, and in recent years, the expansion to a winter and family camp allow for year-round engagement. While at Camp Alonim, children experience the vibrancy of Jewish life through music, dance, sports, art, nature and social action.  Each activity is viewed as an opportunity for campers to discover a spark that will ignite a life-long love of Judaism, while building life skills, making lasting friendships, and having pure fun.

Justine’s philanthropic work and commitment to Camp Alonim is inspired by the work of her grandfather Max Webb (z”l) who passed away on October 23. “My grandfather was a visionary Jew whose inspiration has really guided me and so many others,” said Justine Schreyer Lewin. “While I am immensely grateful to be the representative from Camp Alonim, and for receiving this distinguished award, I do so only because I am surrounded by our incredible team of leaders.” Justine mentioned specifically the ability of Executive Director Josh Levine to “unite our rich history with a compelling vision for our future” and Advancement Director, Judy Feldman, “a superb professional who breathes enthusiasm for our camp.”

“Ms. Schreyer Lewin’s leadership of a non-fiduciary camp advisory board demonstrates the impact that strong lay-leadership can have on organizations such as Camp Alonim,” said JCamp 180® Director Mark Gold.  “With this award, Ms. Schreyer Lewin joins a distinguished group of board leaders who have made significant contributions to the world of Jewish camps. JCamp 180® and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation are thrilled to have been able to recognize her contributions through this award.”

JCamp 180®, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, hosted more than 400 leaders from non-profit Jewish camps and other organizations during its 14th annual conference held November 4 – 6 in Massachusetts. JCamp 180® develops and cultivates vibrant organizations that assure the continuity of Jewish identity, people, and culture through transformative youth experiences. Camp Alonim is affiliated with JCamp 180® as they provide support and guidance in fostering Jewish philanthropy.

Pictured from left to right:Top row -  Mark Gold, Director JCamp 180; Judy Feldman, Director of Development, AJU; Dr. Jeff Herbst, President, AJU: David Weiner, Camp Alonim Advisory Board Member; Bottom row - Julia Riseman, JCamp 180 Mentor; Winnie Sandler Grinspoon, President, Harold Grinspoon Foundation; Harold Grinspoon; Justine Schreyer Lewin, Camp Alonim Advisory Board Chair; Josh Levine, Executive Director, Camp Alonim & Vice President, Brandeis-Bardin Operations, AJU. 


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