AJU Announces Sunsetting of Undergraduate Curriculum

In early October, AJU announced its decision to pause undergraduate admissions and sunset the current undergraduate curriculum. Simultaneously, AJU has established a working group to explore and design exciting new academic initiatives based on best practices that will take advantage of the dynamism of our Los Angeles location, and the university’s ethical and moral foundations.

The university will cease recruiting for its undergraduate program effective immediately but is committed to ensuring that the roughly 70 active students in the current undergraduate program are able to continue and complete their studies at AJU.

AJU President, Dr. Jeff Herbst, is in the process of appointing a working group to help develop exciting, thoughtful programming that takes advantage of the latest thinking in educational practice, technology, and student affairs. This group will include members of the faculty, staff, and alumni as well as wider community members with expertise in educational programming, innovation and strong understanding of Jewish culture and heritage.

Dr. Herbst noted, "My colleagues and I are excited about the prospect of developing a cutting-edge program that takes advantage of new technology and pedagogy in academics, and we view this opportunity as a unique chance for a university to fully engage in fresh thinking regarding undergraduate education.

While it is too early to put a deadline on completion, we expect work to begin immediately and in earnest.

For additional information, please visit https://www.aju.edu/undergraduate-division.

For the full press release, please visit: https://www.aju.edu/news-events/aju-announces-pause-undergraduate-admissions.


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