Photo of Sharon Bacharach
Sharon Bacharach

Graduate Center for Jewish Education

Photo of students in class working on projectTeaching both in the MAed and BA program has so far been an amazing experience for me. I’ve been meeting so many early childhood educators from multiple Jewish and non-Jewish ECCs. Students drive an hour or two for our classes; that is dedication. Students’ experiences vary from beginning teachers to long time directors wanting to educate themselves more. But I have to say that the most special part of our program that warms my heart is the comradery among the students in both masters and bachelor’s cohorts. They will be seen eating together during dinner; everyone all together, moving tables and chairs so everyone is included. The support and respect for each other that I have witnessed is unsurpassed. I have seen it during class when someone is nervous to give a presentation, clapping and giving supportive comments. But this support is not just on the surface, it is said with true care for on another. I also see this support on-line during our Forum discussions. Students learn from each other and will share both their challenging and successful experiences. That is the beautiful part of this program; it has become a safe space for students to honestly share their challenges, stressors, fears and sadness. We both laugh and cry together. Our program is not just coming to class, it is an experience.