Dr. Sharon Bacharach

Associate Director of Early Childhood Education Programs
sharon.bacharach [at] aju.edu
(310) 779-9070
Image of Sharon Bacharach

    Master of Social Work - New York University 

    Sharon Bacharach L.C.S.W., received her BA in Early Childhood with a specialty in Child Mental Health from CSUN and her MSW from New York University. She has worked in early childhood for 30 plus years in hospitals, special education centers, summer camps and Jewish Day Schools. She worked as a social worker for 10 years in the medical setting and then began working at Pressman Academy in 2000. She worked as a preschool, pre K and kindergarten teacher and then became the Elementary School Counselor. Since leaving Pressman in 2019, Sharon leads social skills groups for Creative Learning Place, a home schooling program for K-5th at the JCC. Sharon helped begin our early childhood program here at AJU and besides teaching in our program, she has recently become our Early Childhood Coordinator.