Understanding Genocide: Post-Holocaust Genocides

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Understanding Genocide: Post-Holocaust Genocides
Wednesday, August 21 at 12pm PT/3pm ET

What is a genocide, and how do we understand it in a post-Holocaust era? Join distinguished scholar in Holocaust and Genocide Studies Michael Berenbaum for an in-depth 3-part series where we will examine its historical origins, legal definitions, and instances of genocide in the post-Holocaust era.In this session we will explore the pioneering work of Raphael Lemkin, the Polish-Jewish lawyer who coined the term “genocide.”

In this session we will examine genocides that have occurred since the Holocaust, including those in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. Participants will study the causes, characteristics, and consequences of these atrocities, exploring the roles of ideology, political power, and social dynamics in their occurrence. The session will also discuss the international community’s responses to these genocides, including humanitarian interventions, legal prosecutions, and efforts at prevention and reconciliation.

This is the final installment of the 3-part series.

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Michael Berenbaum is a Professor of Jewish Studies and Director of the Sigi Ziering Institute at the American Jewish University. He is a writer, a scholar and a creator of Museums. His work has been recognized by the Emmys and Academy Awards.

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