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Tour Global Jewish Life: Majorca
Thursday at 12:00pm PDT

The Spanish Island of Majorca is known for its beach resorts, limestone mountains, and being home to tennis celebrity Rafa Nadal. But Majorca holds a secret, never discussed in most travel guides. During the Inquisition, the Crypto-Jews or Chuetas publicly professed Catholicism while privately adhering to Judaism. In fact, in the year 1677 they were caught celebrating Yom Kippur in an orchard outside the city walls. They were condemned by the authorities and even today the descendants of 15 endogamous families quietly preserve the light of the Jewish flame after centuries past. Join guide Dani Rotstein on a special virtual tour of Majorca’s history and its lessons for all Jews today.

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Dani Rotstein moved from New Jersey to the island of Majorca, Spain in 2014. There he learned of the taboo history of the Conversos of the island. In 2018, he founded Limmud Majorca and has run over 50 successful events promoting diversity and inclusion in the small, yet growing, Jewish community. During COVID he broadened the scope and now connects Jewish and non-Jewish guides all over the world with communities that are seeking quality virtual programming. His company’s mission is to offer an interactive learning experience that engages everyone interested in culture and history.


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