Hebrew Karaoke

hebrew karaoke
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12:00 PM
Aliza Klainman


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Hebrew Karaoke

12pm - 12:20pm

Join Aliza in learning a popular Hebrew song! After which we will enjoy singing this song together, and you will have a new Hebrew song to add to your karaoke repertoire!  The song sheet is available at the link below. 

Aliza Klainman has been teaching at AJU for thirty years. She specializes in teaching Hebrew with Hebrew, the same method that is taught in Ulpans (Hebrew Learning Center) in Israel. For the last three years, she has been serving as Director of the Community Hebrew Program at the Whizin Center for Continuing Education. Aliza is very passionate about Hebrew and finds great satisfaction in teaching the language to her students!

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The Whizin Center for Continuing Education
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(310) 440-1572