Since its inception in 1947, the University of Judaism and later, the American Jewish University, stood firmly at the forefront of Jewish thinking and scholarship. The rabbis, students and scholars that take part in this community have shaped it as a vibrant arena of cultural exchange, in which arts and creative expression increasingly occupy a central space.

In the past decades, AJU supported artists and creatives, became a home for works of art that have been donated by prominent community members, and substantiated exhibition and performance spaces. These activities and commitments established its position as a central protagonist in cultural engagements in the Jewish arena.

The Soraya Sarah Nazarian Fine Arts Program spans across disciplines, and offers unique opportunities and spaces for individual creative exploration. The Program upholds American Jewish University’s legacy of supporting the fine arts.

As gallery spaces based in an educational environment, the Platt and Borstein Galleries present a distinct program of rotating exhibitions, as well as programs and publications. These activities and events share an interest in promoting, nurturing and developing exploration, critical thinking and inquiry into the complexities that define social relations in the communities surrounding us.

The AJU Art Collection was formed and is supported by our community. Containing over 800 works of art in various media, the collection embodies the changing dynamics of Jewish lives since nineteenth century to the present. AJUs Project Room delves into the collection with exhibitions and programs that investigate into its themes and histories. Our entire collection, including the gallery archive, is currently being digitized, and will become available as an education resources. Stay tuned!