Photograph of sign listing different city namesBCI welcomes applicants from all over the world. In addition to the rest of the information included in this application, international applicants should also note the following:


Visas are required for entry into the United States from most countries. We will supply a letter of support even before notifying you about acceptance into the program because the Visa process can be quite lengthy.  The rest of the visa application process is in your hands. Once you have applied, please start the Visa process immediately. Some countries qualify for the Visa Waiver Program.  Please note that this visa letter of support does NOT guarantee acceptance to BCI.  Once you receive your Visa, please email a scanned copy to ()

Travel Reimbursement

In addition to a highly subsidized tuition, BCI also accepts travel reimbursement requests.  All participants are expected to book and pay for their own travel to and from California. When you are accepted, you will receive a form with our standard travel reimbursement amounts from your home airport to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).  By completing the form below, you are eligible for up to 80% reimbursement of the applicable standard travel amount.  The exchange rate will be calculated on the day you submit your FULL flight information via email to our office ( Please note that the exchange rates we use are based on figures provided by www.xe.comReimbursements are issued in the form of a check in US Dollars. Please do NOT book your flight until you have received an official letter of acceptance from BCI indicating how to book your flight and the price quote for your flight.

Financial considerations should never stand between you and a summer at BCI. If you require additional assistance, please contact Morris ( ()).

Language Requirements

While BCI is an international program, speaking and understanding English is a requirement for coming to BCI. All of our programs are conducted/led in English, and participants are expected to converse in English with each other in public spaces.

Phone Usage

We recommend you try to purchase enough calling cards in your home country BEFORE coming to BCI. There are several communal phones that will be available during free time.Other BCIers have opted to use free wifi based apps to call home or have even purchased SIM cards. Check with your phone carrier before coming to BCI If you cannot purchase calling cards in your home country before coming to BCI, there will be an opportunity to purchase them at the beginning of BCI.