Together with the Leo Baeck Foundation, the Ziegler school has taken our mission to Europe and ensure that Jewish congregations there will receive the rabbinic leadership necessary to foster Jewish renaissance. We are joined in this endeavor with Potsdam University’s School of Jewish theology.

The Zacharias Frankel College was conceived to train a new generation of Masorti/Conservative rabbis to address the spriritual needs of a growing European Jewry. Ours is an era in which Jews are asking “Why be Jewish?” with greater urgency than ever before. 

As a Masorti/Conservative rabbinical school, the Zacharias Frankel College is dedicated to the philosophy, principles and values as inspired by Louis Jacobs, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Mordecai Kaplan, David Lieber, and other great modern visionaries. It builds on thinking of positive historic Judaism and German founding fathers such as Leo Baeck and Zacharias Frankel. 

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